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173K 32 dohs!
67K "...that's the American way."
41K ""
28K "Excuse me, professor brainiac."
226K "Where's my burrito?"
279K "Your husband was found DOA..."
3K "Doh!"
24K "Done and done."
42K "The other day...I ate the dirt under the bleachers."
86K "...he's always one step ahead!"
93K "I am evil Homer..."
93K "Guess who, fat boy? ..."
274K "Here fishy fishy fishy..."
135K "He was a little Spanish flea..."
201K Homer's Flintstones parody
42K "Mmmm...forbidden donut."
29K "Gotta go..."
36K " hasn't been easy staying in my rut."
45K "Aaaaah!"
28K "Food goes in here."
53K "...give me the number for 911."
221K "Kiss [me] goodbye."
38K "Computers can do that?"
34K "Beer kills brain cells."
47K "Marge, I got sprayed by the skunk!"
150K Homer falling
208K "...drink straight from the faucet..."
6K "Aaah!"
121K "...which makes me the woman..."
318K "...hubba hubba..."
16K "Kiss my hairy yellow butt."
129K "...protecting this landfill!..."
81K "This is a house of learning..."
104K " quiet, they're announcing the lottery numbers."
86K " name is Mr. Burns..."
81K "...meow meow meow meow meow..."
21K "Mmmm...ham."
105K " stay on your side and I'll stay on my side."
62K "Nacho nacho man..."
77K "Marge, I have some terrifying, bone-chilling news!"
24K "Oh, okay."
11K "That's it I'm outta here."
59K "We're gonna go out and par-tee."
44K Mr. Plow's theme song
216K "They're dogs, and they're playing poker..."
47K "...the pressure's finally gotten to dad, but, what pressure?"
50K "Oh, no, my pudding is trapped forever!"
51K "I'm hitting the road..."
15K "Shut up brain or I'll stab you with a q-tip."
67K "'s fun to smash things."
24K "I like the sound of that."
171K "'s still good..."
26K "Eew, that's bad."
201K "You can't handle the truth."
66K "...vampires are make-believe..."
187K The Halloween Episode warning
7K "Woo hoo!"
59K "It just gets worse and worse."
16K Homer drooling